WELCOME and THANK YOU so much for your interest in being a part of this effort! Small or large, we never know how our efforts can impact lives. 

Each of us have a different reason(s) for why we are here. Be it you are an Addict; You are In Recovery, You are a Family or Friend of an Addict… We are all affected by the Addiction Epidemic.

We started out as a local reach Facebook group, however as we know all too well, the addiction epidemic is far and wide – and so should our reach efforts be.

If even just one single word here could plant a seed of hope in someone, that message could save a life. We have to try, and never cease our efforts.


On September 25th, 2016 we created a Facebook Group (click HERE to view it). We see and hear far too many stories about the addiction epidemic. All aspects of it.

After a variety of online messaging and sharing, it was time to rally as many together as possible… just to see what we may be able to accomplish. and so the seed was planted for Recovery is Deserved.

We are here to collectively SHARE: