3 C’s of Addiction

This is an incredible piece of information to keep in mind.

Critical for those needing to care for their own self, while caring for loved ones affected by addiction.

*and for all parents and supporters – not just for mothers, this just happens to be written by a mom.

3 C’s of Addiction

Didn’t Cause It: Good mothers do everything to raise their children in a safe, supportive and loving environment. When dealing with addiction, it’s natural to want to blame someone: especially yourself. As a mother, you must understand that you did not cause your child’s addiction, no matter how you may feel or what your child may say. In the throes of addiction, your child may cast blame, but this is simply an attempt to justify addictive behaviors. You can’t control the decisions of your child, so you are not the cause of their addiction.

Can’t Cure It: You also cannot “cure” a child suffering from addiction. Scientifically, addiction is viewed as a chronic disease, much like diabetes or asthma. Severe addiction is not a question of willpower, so attempts to rationalize and cure the disease of addiction is typically a waste of effort. You can’t rationalize or cure diabetes, how could you fix your child’s addiction? Although sharing your thoughts and feelings, possibly even imposing consequences, are natural reactions, it’s up to your child to seek professional treatment.

Can’t Control It: Many mothers believe they can control, or manage, their child’s addiction. However, addiction is viewed as a disease because it biologically alters brain chemistry. After a certain time of persistent usage, the child is not controlling the substance; the substance – and its effects on brain chemistry – control rational thinking that leads to subsequent behaviors. If your child is biologically unable to control their rational thoughts, then why would you be able to?

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