5 Ways Addicts Manipulate You Into Doing What They Want

5 Ways Addicts Manipulate You Into Doing What They Want. Click HERE for the full article.

  • Play the Victim Card: They blame people, places, things and circumstances for their behaviors. If they get arrested, they’ll blame the police. If they quit or lose a job – their boss was a jerk. Victim stance is used when the addict or alcoholic is unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for his/her behavior.
  • Priming: Priming is an attempt to control a response, gain your trust, or set you up to say or do things you normally wouldn’t say or do. It’s an attempt to set up the circumstances to be conducive to a desired outcome.
  • Power & Control: Addicts have a need to be in control, feel powerful and dominate others in order to make up for the internal powerlessness and lack of control they feel. While at times it’s natural for people to assert power to get their needs met, the addict is out of balance. Their need to be in control of their relationships, environment and situation leave others feeling as though they have no voice.
  • Splitting: Splitting is a way for the addict to divide others and turn them against each other. Sometimes they cause fights between their parents in order to weaken the strength of them as a unit. Other times, they cause an argument so they can be the mediator, therefore gaining the illusion of control and appearing to be “the good guy.”
  • Guilt Trips: Addicts know exactly which buttons to push to make you feel guilty. Guilt trips leave you with feelings of guilt that are disproportionate to reality. The result is you experience more self doubt, and may become submissive to the addict.

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